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Lunch & Learn: What’s Your Currency?

  • 10/08/2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Moxie, 2601 Tuckernuck Dr. Richmond, VA 23294
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What’s Your Currency? (The Currency Paradigm™)

In this session, you’ll learn an innovative framework – The Currency Paradigm- for business women. Hillary Augustine, creator of The Currency Paradigm and financial alchemist considers four currencies: Time, Money, Energy, and Space, each one having its own intrinsic value. Learn your predominant currency and specific, practical ways in which this holistic system can inform, transform, and guide your business and life plans.

Join us!

You will be inspired as you re-imagine your personal and professional options!

  • Explore each currency: Time, Money, Energy and Space.
  • Discover how to shift, guide, and use your predominant currency to impact your business and life plans.
  • Apply The Currency Paradigm to your business and life decisions to create optimal currency alignment.
  • Learn new language to foster trust and understanding within your business and every aspect of your life.

Hillary Augustine

Hillary Augustine is a financial alchemist and energetic force. Hillary brings fresh air and life to all that she encounters. She has blended together a Masters in Accounting, a Masters in Counseling, and a Mixology Certificate. Yes, you got that right?!? A Bartending Certificate completes her 'formal' education because why not? Her blended education produces fresh, innovative results. She consults and teaches on a wide range of areas – including money, life values, and organizational strategy.

Location / Event Details

It's a taco bar! 

Feel free to arrive at 11:30 but if you are running late, no worries! Lunch starts at 12:00 PM and Hillary will begin at 12:30. 

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